Camera Repairs & Sensor Cleanings

All camera repairs are estimate only. We do not charge for estimates, but we need to see equipment prior to providing estimates.

All sensor cleanings come with a 3 month warranty.

Our camera cleaning service include a detailed deep cleaning of the sensor, the main and sub mirrors, focusing screen, interior of the mirror box, complete detailing of the exterior of the body – including all buttons and dials, cleaning of all door seals, and hot shoe.

Lens cleaning includes complete clean of front and rear elements, cleaning of the focusing and zoom rings, interior light traps, and the lens mounts and electrical contacts.


Digital Body Cleanings

Crop Sensor – $85
-mirrorless- $65
Full Frame – $105
-mirrorless – $85
Pro Body (EOS 1DX, D4-6, etc.) – $130
Medium Format Mirrorless – $130
Medium Format DSLR – estimate only

Lens Cleanings

Most lens cleanings run from $25-65 a piece.
Super Telephoto (300-800mm) – estimate only.

Light Seal Replacement

35mm SLR – $75
All other film bodies are estimate only.